Now you are signed up for the Concealed Weapons Permit Class...


What happens next?


1. Be aware of your class location, date, and time.  Try to be 10 to 15 minutes early. If you are not yet paid in full for the class, please be prepared to pay the remaining balance in cash, credit, or debit. Al's does not provide childcare, so please refrain from bringing children.


2. The FL Dept. of Agriculture has compiled a handy page on how to submit your Concealed Weapons Permit Application.  Tip: As soon as you sign up for your class, call the Dept. of Agriculture's Orlando Office to schedule your appointment.


FL Dept. of Agriculture

Division of Licensing

1707 Orlando Central Parkway

Suite 150

Orlando, FL 32809

407 888 8700

Open M-F 9am to 3 pm